Changes to OHA in effect

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Changes to OHA in effect

by: Ben Fegurgur and Alan Ikeda | .
Joint Region Marianas | .
published: December 03, 2012

This notice is to make you aware of the recent change to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations in determining overseas housing allowance (OHA) entitlements.

Effective since Nov. 1, if a member and/or dependent lives with relatives or friends (for example jointly occupies) in a dwelling owned by the relatives or friends, the rent amount is zero, even if there is a lease or written document.

This restriction does not apply when the member/dependent leases lodging from a relative or friend with a bona fide, standard written lease. In those instances the relative or friend concerned should not jointly occupy the lease house or apartment.

There is no authority to pay move-in housing allowance or the utility/maintenance allowance when a sevicemember is living with relatives or friends.

All OHA recipients are required to visit their respective point of contact (POC) for authorizing/approving OHA entitlements and recertify their leases. The following list of POCs is provided:

U.S. Naval Base Guam
• Marlyna Gumabon,, 333-2033
• Carmen Santos,, 339-8228
• Bernadette Aquiningoc,, 333-2091

Andersen Air Force Base
• Rosario Taitano,, 366-3240
• Frances Diaz,, 366-5510

Guam Army, Air National Guard
• Col. David Riano,, 735-0475

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