Combined Federal Campaign 2013

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Winners from Area IV Korea from their Amazing Race Kickoff event for the CFC-O Campaign.
Winners from Area IV Korea from their Amazing Race Kickoff event for the CFC-O Campaign.

Combined Federal Campaign 2013

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published: October 08, 2013

This year’s Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas, or CFC-O, kicked off Sept. 16 for U.S. military members and federal employees serving overseas.  This campaign runs through Nov. 15th and lets you donate to more than 2,600 charities in the Charities Listings, with missions ranging from fighting hunger, protecting the Earth and funding education to defending animal rights, curing diseases and helping wounded warriors.

A web version of the Catalog of Caring is at:

The Department of Defense campaign aims to reduce workplace disruptions by consolidating all approved solicitations into one annual campaign under DOD guidelines. The CFC-O includes the Pacific Command (PACOM) and four other unified combatant commands. PACOM campaign managers are located on Yokota Air Base and they administer the CFC-O for Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore and Philippines.  We asked Maria Padilla, overall PACOM campaign manager, to tell us more.

Q: Tell us a little about this year's Combined Federal Campaign.

A: The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) officially began as an executive order signed by President Kennedy in 1961. His goal was to be able to connect federal employees that want to help those in need, with the charitable organizations that provide that help and hope. The campaign is the only authorized solicitation to federal employees in their work place on behalf of approved charitable organizations.  Over the past 50 plus years it has become a military tradition and the most successful fundraising campaign in the world.  The Combined Federal Campaign Overseas (CFC-O) allows service members and federal employees to extend their service and make a difference in the world through a contribution to a charitable cause that has personal significance.  The main goal of the CFC is provide 100 percent informed opportunity to give. Last year CFC-O raised $13.6 million, of which 4.8 million came from PACOM.

Q: Why should someone donate via the CFC instead of directly to the charity of their choice?

A: We offer different advantages to our contributors such as confidence, convenience, choice and care.  Also the CFC-O offers the individuals the ability to contribute to the Family Support and Youth Program (FSYP), a program exclusive to the CFC-O. The program supports quality of life programs in overseas military communities. Local installation commanders use the funds at their discretion under the guidelines established by The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Department of Defense (DOD) and their branch of service. During the 2012 campaign, more than $611,000 was pledged to FSYP and returned to overseas military installations.

Q: What are some of the ways someone can contribute to the CFC?

A: Contributors have three options to contribute: 1) Individuals can contribute to their charity of choice by contacting their unit representative for a pledge card. Through a pledge card they are able to donate cash or check or create an allotment for their contribution. 2) Contributors can also log on to and make their contribution online. And, 3) this year we are very excited about providing to our contributors the option to set up allotment contributions through MyPay. Contributors can log on to their MyPay account and create their own allotment to contribute to their specific charity of choice. Please see your unit representative for your individual unit reporting number or visit our website:

Q: Is there anything else the military community in the Pacific should know about this year’s CFC?

A: This year, we are very excited about the offering to our contributors the option to Contribute through MyPay.  It’s very easy they input our Campaign Number 0995 and their individual Unit reporting number, and they can set up an allotment.  We do ask contributors to contact their unit representatives for their unit reporting number. For more information on the CFC-O program, call PACOM Campaign Manager at (DSN) 315-225-9997/5520, (Commercial) (81)42507-9997/5520, or visit the CFC-O official webpage at:

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