Ensure proper disposal, recycling of hazardous materials

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Ensure proper disposal, recycling of hazardous materials

by: 36th Civil engineer Squadron | .
Andersen AFB | .
published: January 07, 2014

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, GUAM -- Andersen AFB has been a recycling leader on Guam for many years sending more than 50 percent of refuse to recycling centers instead of landfills, and 2014 will prove to be no different. As we ring in the year, most of us have a New Year's resolution to do some spring cleaning of unwanted items like household chemicals, automotive fluids, and materials such as tires and batteries. When dumped in the trash, these items can be toxic to the public and the environment; therefore it is important to follow proper recycling practices. Please do your part in keeping your island, base and home clean by recycling and disposing of hazardous materials properly.

Don't know what to do with extra household chemicals or are in need of some? The Self Help Center has a household recycling program where anyone can drop off and pick up household chemicals instead of improperly disposing them or buying more than what is needed. The Self Help Center will take ammonia and chlorine-based cleaners, disinfectants, drain openers, furniture polish, oven cleaners, paint, paint thinners, stain finishes, and pesticides. In order to drop off or pick up household chemicals at the Self Help Center, a valid ID must be presented. Household chemicals must be American-made and in their original container.

There are also several island wide options for recycling materials:

For recycling batteries, electronics, metallic waste and old household appliances:
· Global Recycling Center, Dededo, 632-0789
· Xiong's Recycling, Harmon Industrial Park--Tamuning, 649-4514

For recycling used motor oil, antifreeze, and other hazardous waste:
· GRESCO, Santa Rita, 565-7473 (NOTE: GRESCO will also take fluorescent bulbs)
· Unitek Environmental, Agat, 565-3151/3438

For the disposal of tires:
· AAFES Car Care Center ($5/tire), AAFB, 653-9386
· Global Recycling Center ($5/tire), Dededo, 632-0789
· Pyramid Recycling ($5/tire), Route 16 - Harmon, 646-8130

For a complete list of off-base sites, go to Guam's EPA website at http://epa.guam.gov/activities/recycling-guide/.

Your recycling efforts will ensure only unusable material is sent to the landfill. Thank you for taking pride in the beautiful island of Guam, your community and Andersen Air Force Base. Any questions can be directed to Barb Torres, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Flight, 366-3550.

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