Guam Sailors remember Battle of Midway

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Guam Sailors remember Battle of Midway

by: Shaina Marie Santos | .
Joint Region Marianas PAO | .
published: June 06, 2013

Dozens of Sailors packed the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Santa Rita, Guam to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the Battle of Midway June 5.

Attendees viewed a short film that included authentic historical footage from the Battle of Midway and World War II. Afterward, a tour was offered of the visitor center, which holds a number of historical artifacts and displays centered on the War in the Pacific.

Capt. Mike Ward, U.S. Naval Base Guam (NBG) commanding officer offered a few remarks about the Battle of Midway. Ward said the Navy’s role in the Battle of Midway serves as the foundation upon which today’s carrier force is built.

“The capability that we’ve developed over the 70 years was born at the Battle of Midway,” he said. “Carrier strike power that we employ today unlike any other country’s ever seen was crafted, developed and put into doctrine at the Battle of Midway.”

He also detailed events of the battle and pointed to the significance of the United States’ success in Midway as the turning point toward the overall victory of World War II.

“The actions taken by the individual Sailors who fought in this battle, the strength of their character and firmness of their resolve is why the battle is so significant in our history and why we commemorate it today,” he said. “The Battle of Midway is the ultimate statement of our Navy professionalism and resolve and today we pause to remember and honor the spirits of those individuals and how they served with honor, courage and commitment.”

NBG Religious Programs Specialist Chief (FMF) Arlene Delapena said it is important for the Sailors today to remember the fighting spirit of their predecessors. 

“It’s really important for all the Sailors to get involved,” she said. “The courage that each Sailor [showed] during the Battle [of Midway], it’s important for the Sailors to know that because throughout right now, we’re still fighting wars.”

NBG Harbor Patrol Master-at-Arms Seaman Chandler Muszynski said he appreciated the reminder of his Naval legacy.

“As a seaman, I thought it was very important to know the facts, the history of the events,” he said. “As a turning point in history, it’s very important to know when we started to win the war.”

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