Lockwood Terrace Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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U.S. Navy photos by Theresa Merto Cepeda/Released
U.S. Navy photos by Theresa Merto Cepeda/Released

Lockwood Terrace Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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published: October 03, 2015

SANTA RITA, Guam (Oct. 1) – U.S. Naval Base Guam (NBG) leadership cut the ribbon, signifying the opening of 60 revitalized housing units in the Lockwood Terrace housing district here during a 10 a.m. ceremony at the housing complex.

Chief Petty Officer Jacob and Mrs. Jennifer Schonacher were the first lucky couple to receive keys to a newly refurbished home. “We received a new four-bedroom home, and we feel lucky that we’re here,” said Jennifer Schonacher. “There’s lots of extra space for the kids and we especially like that our children’s school is right across the street.”

Schonacher’s 9-year-old son Jacob, agreed. “This is a nice place,” he said. “The living room is big and looks very comfortable.”

The accomplishment marks a two-year project worth $25.3 million in upgrades to 57 three-bedroom units, and three four-bedroom units. Originally constructed in 1960, the housing complex had not received any improvements except once back in 1995. The sturdy concrete construction has kept the houses in fair shape for the past 55 years, but according to Marlyna Gumabon, NBG Housing Director, the revitalization project is a huge boost in quality of life.

“All of these housing upgrades are quite impressive,” said Gumabon. “They were upgraded with the focus on resident satisfaction, first and foremost. We were also able to accomplish upgrades that set the benchmark for military housing standards in construction, comfort, safety, energy efficiency and water conservation.”

The Lockwood housing project was considered Phase I of a “whole house revitalization,” with the second phase underway already – 48 additional homes. The Phase I project was a quick two-year effort. “The contractors were fast and efficient, and the new upgrades are really nice,” said Lt. Cmdr. Chris Coggins, Public Works Officer for NBG. “I think any Sailor and his or her family would be ecstatic to have a home like this.”

In concert with the Sailor’s Creed, the NBG team delivered in a big way. Their commitment to excellence in construction with top-notch engineering, craftsmanship and technology, as well as their dedication to take care of families is the true success story here, said Coggins.

 The other notable success was in energy and water conservation. The homes achieved a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) of Silver, built under the U.S. Green Building Council requirements, with energy efficient heat pump water heaters, energy star-related appliances, and energy efficient light fixtures.

 Revitalization and upgrades to the homes include upgrades and reconfiguration of interior living spaces – living room, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and utility areas to meet current requirements and functionality. Kitchens got new countertops and cabinets with a pantry of modern design. Bathrooms include upgrades to floor and wall finishes, new bath tub, vanity and other bathroom accessories. Living spaces received tiled flooring, mirrored closet doors, new light fixtures, ceiling fans and other appurtenances with concealed wiring. The homes also received upgrades from a carport to a garage with electronic roll-up doors, central air conditioning, typhoon shutters rated for 174 mph winds, a patio, laundry area and separate area for waste/recycle bins.

“This project was very important to me,” said Capt. Andy Anderson, commanding officer of NBG. “I know what it’s like to move, and when you go to look for a house you’re really not picking a house, but rather you’re selecting a community. It’s people who really make a community, and this Lockwood community is stronger because of the people we have here. It’s an honor to provide a house, so they can now make it their home.”

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