NBG, Andersen AFB conduct ungulate population control project

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NBG, Andersen AFB conduct ungulate population control project

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published: March 23, 2015

ASAN, Guam (March 23, 2015) – Commander, Joint Region Marianas, with the support of the Governor of Guam, announces a Navy-led environmental project that will decrease the negative impact on Guam’s ecosystem and the natural habitat of native animals.

U.S. Naval Base Guam and Andersen Air Force Base will conduct an ungulate population control project starting this month and through May. The project includes a study into the foraging habits and methods to control the population of invasive animals, specifically feral pigs and deer, on NBG Ordnance Annex and Andersen AFB Ritidian Point.

The Navy is partnering with the Mayors Council of Guam to donate deer meat to the general public. Unfortunately, the pig meat cannot be distributed because of U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations.

This project falls in line with local efforts to control the feral ungulate population, such as the Pig Derby and deer-hunting season. Both animals cost farmers crops. They also destroy small trees and plants that keep soil in place, contributing to soil erosion and the subsequent degradation of coral reefs.

As we move forward in this Team Guam effort to address the overpopulation of invasive animals, and protect our environment, Conservation Officers and environmental professionals from the military and GovGuam will be working on population control mechanisms.

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