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Swimming Safety

by: U.S. Naval Base Guam Safety Department | .
U.S. Navy | .
published: February 07, 2015

Three recent drowning deaths here on Guam have called to our attention the dangers and potential hazards associated with aquatic activities here. Every year numerous lives are needlessly lost to drowning on Guam. Preventing these incidents is paramount – keep safety in mind at all times.

Swimming Safety Tips:
• Always perform operational risk management before you get into the water.
• Look out for and observe any beach warning signs. Evaluate the current sea state – if conditions are hazardous, or beyond your level of competency, training, physical conditioning, or experience – stay ashore.
• Stay tuned to local weather warnings when planning an outing. Go with a friend – never alone.
• Make sure others know of your recreation/float plans.
• Know your limits.
• Don’t overexert yourself. It is never worth the risk if you are putting yourself or others in danger.

Guam is a tropical island paradise that offers tremendous recreational opportunities for open-ocean and other aquatic related endeavors. To enhance community efforts in aquatic safety, all hands, military and civilian, and family members, are highly encouraged to review this 20-minute video. (Link below)


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