USNH Guam Mother-Baby Unit offers relaxing atmosphere

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USNH Guam Mother-Baby Unit offers relaxing atmosphere

by: Lt. T Amanda Helm Cook | .
USNH Guam Mother-Baby Unit | .
published: February 25, 2013

The Mother-Baby Unit (MBU) at U.S. Naval Hospital (USNH) Guam recently implemented another improvement for patient comfort: unit beautification.

If you imagine the stress and discomfort that are specific to this patient population, you can empathize with the frustration of a sterile, white room. For these reasons and others, the staff of MBU decided to defy the classic white, impersonal appearance, in favor of a calming, more original theme.

We understand that it is unlikely patients will really enjoy being in the hospital, but we have worked hard to create an environment that is both soothing and aesthetically pleasing for both our patients and our families here at USNH Guam.

Now let’s walk in the shoes of an expectant new mother.

Many of our mothers begin the journey of labor in one of our two triage rooms. The room was once white and crowded with equipment but is now cream and blue with at least two walls open for decorations. You are so distracted by the stencil of the mommy bird and baby bird in the window or the child with an umbrella playing in the rain, that you almost miss when the nurse says the magic words, “You are being admitted.”

If you are in triage and you break your water or your cervix is dilated then you and your family will be guests at the MBU.

Contractions are getting closer and stronger, and you are maybe a little frightened. The nurse smiles and encourages you until the pain subsides, and then leads you to your new room, the labor room. This is where the magic happens. Imagine being this excited and nervous and walking into a blank white room. Now imagine instead a cream and mint green room, like a spa. There will be daisies on the wall or children playing on a swing. Don’t your muscles relax just a little? Remember the more relaxed you are the faster your labor will progress.

Congratulations! Your impressive efforts are rewarded and you have a beautiful baby. Now you graduate to a post-partum room. Get some well-deserved rest in your deep purple and cream room and enjoy your time in the safari or in the autumn room. The décor may not trump the birth of your baby, but I think we can all agree that a little color goes a long way to making the journey just a bit better.

To attend our childbirth class, please contact the OB-GYN Clinic at 344-9775. The class is offered every second Wednesday of the month in room 1730 in the OB conference room. If you would like to receive a tour, please contact the MBU at 344-9775.

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