Warrior 10 a perfect 10

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Warrior 10 a perfect 10

by: Petty Officer 2nd Class Corwin Colbert | .
Joint Region Edge Staff | .
published: October 05, 2012

Charles King Fitness Center (CKFC) completed the Warrior 10 challenge Sept. 28 where athletes put themselves through 10 extraneous exercises to become the best.

Ana Longa, CKFC fitness instructor, said though participation was low at the beginning, interest picked up as more people learned of the event.

“It’s been good,” Longa said. “First it started kind of slow and we thought no one would show but then it picked up when the board was out showing the results and everyone’s like ‘Well maybe I want to do this.’”

Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Vince Edwards of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 5 Det. Marianas, said he started late but hoped to stay competitive.

“I signed up today,” he said. “Its good fun and I like the competition. It definitely was a challenge.”

Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Eric Neal, of U.S. Naval Hospital Guam, explained how he managed to place second in the male category.

“You want to go hard and fast as you possibly can and expend all your energy,” he said. “But you can’t quit until you finish. The plank is very tough but if you knock it early you can get through it before your body tires.”

CKFC personal trainer, Brandon Muna, said the challenge put the participants’ bodies through some good stress.

“This definitely increases your cardiovascular system,” Muna said. “You’re definitely going to be tested in all levels not just one body group. It’s not just muscular strength it’s also muscular endurance. That’s the good thing about the event.”

The competition ended with 10 male competitors and six female.

Alan Moiles took first place with a time of 26:09 and second place went to Eric Neal at 27:28.
Nicole Tainatongo placed first in the female divisions with a time of 25:54 and second place Gina Glass finished at 29:09.

First-place winners received $50-dollar gift certificates and second place received $25-dollar gift certificates.

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