Military Child

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Military Child

by: Wynter Cantrell | .
McCool Elem./Middle School | .
published: April 08, 2013

My life as a military child is filled with adventures because I get to live in different places and meet new friends. Right now, I live in Guam and it’s really a tiny tropical island. I’ve tasted coconuts before, but this is the first place I’ve seen coconut trees. I also get to learn different cultures and taste different food like sweet steak. They have that in Chamorro Village and it tastes really good.  If not for the military, maybe I would not be on this beautiful island of Guam.  One downside I have for being a military child is not being with my friends back home. I also miss places I have been to like South Carolina. Other than that, I love my life. So I thank the military for letting my dad on the military team on Guam. I can’t wait to move again for another adventure.  

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