Month of the Military Child

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Month of the Military Child

by: Jeanette Tate | .
Kadena High School | .
published: April 02, 2013

For years, I’ve been separated from the American culture due to my life overseas. My parents work for the Department of Defense; that makes me not a military child, but a DoDDS child. Japan has been my home and I’ve lived here ever since I can remember. It’s something that disconnects me from the average American kid.
You might expect the military child and the DoDDS child to have the exact same lifestyle, but actually we have entirely different experiences than the other. For one, the military child moves constantly as their fathers or mothers receive promotions or new assignments. All my life I’ve been the friend they left at home. The experience has given me a chance to grow up in a far Eastern country that not many are willing to visit. Living here in Japan has given me the chance to discover the language in reading, writing and speaking. This will, I hope, in turn help my aptitude to continue in another language in the future.
Overall, as many differences as there are between a military child and a DoDDS child, we still don’t quite understand the “average American’s” lifestyle. Also, we are all borderline deprived of the things that children in the states can have and do. However, there are so many positive outlooks such as the language and culture of another country, and the ability to make new friendships and strive to keep the old ones. One can never truly be upset about what they find wrong with this lifestyle. After all, we must make it so that we may live it.


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