Prepare for your Healthcare Transition

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Prepare for your Healthcare Transition

by: Jim Absher | . | .
published: June 14, 2018

While you are in the service, you and your family have health care coverage. The range of health care services is vast, yet your out-of-pocket expense is minimal. Use this time wisely and make an appointment early.

Take the following steps to prepare for your upcoming separation:

Get a physical: If military treatment facilities, personnel resources, and local policy permit, you and your family members should arrange for your separation physicals as early as possible. Any problems can be treated while your medical expenses are still fully covered by the service. Take care of as much as you can prior to separation.

Get your records: Even if you are in good health, get a copy (certified, if possible) of your medical records from your medical treatment facility. These records will provide useful background information to the health care professionals who will assist you in your upcoming civilian life. Your military health records will be transferred (with your consent) to the VA regional office nearest your separation address.

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