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Hey, Guam! Check out some music!

Looking to relax and listen to some tunes. If so, here are some places to check out.

Bamboo Bar
Jan. 13 to 19

The Great Wall of China.


It was so amazing to believe this was China: Audis on the highways, Heinekens at the bars, Nine West and Adidas shoes available at non-knock-off...

Elephants walk in a ring during a show at the National Elephant Institute in Thailand. The Institute helps rehabilitate injured elephants and works to better treatment of elephants in Thailand.

A ride you'll never forget

Two trainers stood behind me and yelled, "Go, go, go!" Muscles already sore and strained, I took a running start and jumped again.

I ended...

Motorbikes on a Hanoi street at night.

Busy busy Hanoi

Most of what I found in Hanoi, I loved: walkable streets; cheap but delicious food that could rival that at a three-star restaurant;motorbike...

A Buddhist monk looks out from 13th Century Bayon, the last state Hindu temple to be built under the Angkor civilization.

Reap benefits

There are some places you go to escape from the crowds and immerse yourself in authentic local living.

There are places like that in...

Sokeh's Rock (Photos courtesy of Mike Thornton)


Kaselehlie (Kas-eh-lay-lee-ya) - as they say in Pohnpei for Hello.

My trip to Pohnpei wasn’t purely recreational, but I managed to tack on a...

Guam Live

Bamboo Bar
Jan. 13 to 19

Grab some drinks over music in the heart of Tumon. Nightly catch Jesse, Ruby and Bobby for a...

Slowing down in Samjinae

Damyang, South Jeolla Province — The first thing I see at the entrance to Samjinae Village is a huge oak tree. Through the shaded gates and amid...

Going holistic

BUSAN, South Korea – Some roll their eyes at the concept of New Year’s resolutions, but who doesn’t love the prospect of starting a new year with...

Taketomi - Romantic Okinawa Island

Taketomi, a tiny island in the Yaeyama Islands of Okinawa, is the perfect place for catching a glimpse of traditional Ryukyu...

MY PARADISE: Singapore's National Orchid Garden

When my husband told me he wanted to take me to Singapore and Bali for our 20th wedding anniversary, I searched in Trip Advisor the best places...

MY PARADISE: A Journey to the Peak

Hiking Mariner’s Ridge is the closest thing to paradise for me.

When I visited Honolulu last summer, I had decided to indulge on some good...