Additional medical services for Guam’s veterans


Additional medical services for Guam’s veterans

by: Office of Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. | .
published: August 07, 2014

Guam’s Veterans who are need in of amputee services will be able to receive specialized care and treatment from the Guam Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) as the VA Pacific Islands Healthcare System (VAPHICS) has committed amputee clinics to further meet the needs of Veterans on Guam. The VAPHICS, Chief of Prosthetics, Mr. Aaron Williams will be on island for the next two weeks to provide services to Guam’s Veterans. He will also be holding amputee clinics for the rest of the VA clinics in the Western Pacific region. The Guam CBOC is the first clinic in the VAPHICS to receive amputee services and these clinics decreases the need for Veterans to travel off-island for amputee services.

“Today I had the privilege to join Dr. Helene Head, Mr. Williams and a few patients during the amputee clinics. This latest service is a significant milestone for Guam’s Veterans who are in dire need of these services. This is a testament to the VA’s dedication, as they work on renewing their commitment to all Veterans,” said Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. I am grateful for the continued partnership with the leadership of the VAPHICS and I look forward to our continued collaborative efforts to improve the timeliness and accessibility to healthcare for Guam’s Veterans.”

The prosthetics provided to Veterans come at no cost and patients will be able to receive routine care and appointments as the Amputee clinics will be held on a rotational basis throughout the year to ensure that Veterans receive the care needed to maintain their prosthetic and health. Today, Mr. Francisco Materne and Mr. Alejo Guzman were fitted so they may receive their customized prosthetics. Mr. Guzman received a bionic prosthetic, which will help him be more mobile. The two Veterans were willing to share this momentous occasion with Senator Aguon.

There are six Veterans expected to receive their prosthetics today, and 16 patients are scheduled to be seen with Mr. Williams while he is on island. Guam’s Veterans are asked to please contact the Guam CBOC at 671- 475-5760 if they need to obtain these services as these prosthetics take over a month to be issued since it is customize based on the patient’s assessment.

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