American History hello! Raise It Up!


American History hello! Raise It Up!

by: Smithsonian Institution | .
published: April 30, 2015

The National Museum of American History is pleased to welcome your organization as a National Audience Partner with the Smithsonian Institution (“SI”) for the Raise It Up! America Innovates campaign to be held throughout the summer of 2015.  Raise It Up! America Innovates will be a celebration of celebrate America’s innovative spirit and our desire for game-changing ideas combined with the pursuit of the common good.  A key component of the campaign is to encourage communities to share their stories of invention and innovation through an online portal entitled Places of Invention, linked to a new exhibition by the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, opening July 1st, 2015.

As a National Audience Partner (NAP) in this event, your organization’s name will appear on the Raise It Up! America Innovates website and in other materials supporting the project.  In turn, your organization/agency agrees to support the initiative by sharing your innovation story with the Smithsonian, posting about the initiative on your website and sharing it with your members, visitors (both on-site and online), supporters, and social media followers, as applicable.  National Audience Partners are asked to post the event in the format provided by the Smithsonian in the NAP guidelines, and to comply with the Smithsonian’s policies regarding use of the Smithsonian name in conjunction with the Raise it Up! events.  The Smithsonian Institution retains all rights concerning the SI logo and Raise it Up! America Innovates.

This understanding extends through September 26, 2015, as it will mark events through the National Museum of American History’s celebration of a “Summer of Innovation”. To indicate your organization’s acceptance of this agreement, please sign the agreement, then scan and email the signed agreement to  For further information contact Dan Holm at or 202-633-3956.

We appreciate your support and welcome you as a Raise It Up! National Audience Partner.

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