The best bakeries on Guam


The best bakeries on Guam

by: Arlene Castro | .
The Guam Guide | .
published: January 02, 2014

What comes to mind about when I started thinking of memorable baked goods is my recollection of a TV commercial — a toasted and piping-hot English muffin, with all its “nooks and crannies” buttered up so generously you wouldn’t want to let a crumb fall. From then on, people looked closer at their morning toast for these “nooks and crannies” which became known as the porous holes found all over the bread. The English muffin company probably had a pun intended by it. Or should I say, a bun intended, since the original meaning describes every small, out-of-the-way place or places where something can be hidden?

Fittingly, hidden in the heart of several villages on Guam are these nooks and crannies. These out of the way, little bake shops may be small in size, but are big on lines of customers coming from all parts of the island. Local residents find themselves making the long drive to take a bite of these bake shop’s signature pastries. Made fresh from the oven, or with special ingredients and extra loving care, whatever the reason is, these baked goods keep local residents flocking, and more often, are devoured down to their “nooks and crannies” before the drive back out of the village.

I was able to follow the crumb trail formed by interviews from new and long-time, faithful patrons to find the locations of 10 alluring bake shops nestled in the “nooks and crannies” of our island. Visit a village and try for yourselves a taste of their coveted baked goods. Here’s part 1 of my discovery. Stay tuned to The Guam Guide for part 2 . . .

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