Breastfeeding law signed


Breastfeeding law signed

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Senator Aline A. Yamashita | .
published: November 27, 2013

Governor Eddie Calvo, today, signed the “Nana Yan Patgon Act” into law in support of Guam’s mothers, children and growing families.

In July, Senator Aline A. Yamashita, PhD, penned the legislation after a young family approached her with their concerns that Guam was only one of a few jurisdictions in the nation that lacked breastfeeding statutes. In subsequent weeks, the senator held meetings with various members of the public, private and military sectors to gather their input and expertise on the matter that would help the legislation evolve into today’s law.

After receiving overwhelming support during a public hearing held in July, the Guam Legislature unanimously voted in support of Bill No. 153 during its October/November session.

“This law is the result of a community-driven effort that produces sound legislative policy in support of our families,” said Sen. Yamashita. “We all know of the scientifically-supported benefits of breastfeeding and we will see the positive affects of this on growing families today and in generations to come.”

For more information, please contact the FamiliesFirst! Office at 648-3474 or email Sen. Yamashita directly at

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