Department of the Navy releases the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement


Department of the Navy releases the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

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published: July 18, 2015

SANTA RITA, Guam. (July 18, 2015) -- The Department of the Navy (DON) has published the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) that assesses the potential environmental consequences of establishing a live-fire training range complex (LFTRC), a cantonment area, a family housing area, and associated infrastructure on Guam.

The SEIS is specific to the relocation of the reduced number of Marines and dependents than previously analyzed in the 2010 Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Guam and CNMI Military Relocation. 

In February 2012, the SEIS was initiated to reexamine the siting of the LFTRC and was subsequently expanded in October 2012 to include the cantonment and family housing areas as a result of the change in number and composition of the relocating Marine Corps forces. 

The Final SEIS contains a description of the potential effects to the environment and a thorough examination of 18 resource areas for all of the alternatives.

The Final SEIS is available for review by the public at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Library located in the University of Guam, the Nieves M. Flores Memorial Library in Hagatña, and digitally on the SEIS website ( 

With the release of the Final SEIS, the DON has identified a new preferred alternative that was not identified in the Draft SEIS.  The DON changed its preferred alternative based on continued analysis of reasonable alternatives and feedback from the public as well as local and federal agencies during the Draft SEIS public comment period.  The new preferred alternative is to construct and operate a cantonment area at the Naval Computer Telecommunications Site (NCTS) at Finegayan, a family housing area at Andersen Air Force Base (AAFB), and a LFTRC at Northwest Field on AAFB.  This preferred alternative is not a final decision and may change from the release of the Final SEIS to the signing of the Record of Decision (ROD).

This Final SEIS does not affect all of the decisions made in the September 2010 ROD.  For example, the Apra Harbor wharf improvements, the relocation of U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Combat Element facilities to Andersen Air Force Base (AAFB), the development of the North Gate and access road at AAFB, the air embarkation facilities, and the non-live fire training on Andersen South remain unaffected by the changes in force structure and siting of the LFTRC. The expanded scope of the SEIS does not include a transient aircraft carrier berthing in Apra Harbor or the Army Air and Missile Defense Task Force.

With the release of the Final SEIS, DON anticipates issuing a ROD later this summer.

For additional information about the proposed military relocation and the associated SEIS process please visit our SEIS website at  You can also sign up at the SEIS website to receive notifications when new information is posted.

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