Duenas supports mayors council request


Duenas supports mayors council request

by: Eugene H. Santos, Office of Senator Christopher M. Duenas | .
published: April 04, 2014

Hagatna, Guam. Senator Duenas announced today that he is supporting the Mayors’ Council effort in seeking resources to step up the battle against invasive species like the rhino beetle and the little fire ant. “We need to execute Public Law 31-43 that will stand up the organization, the funding, and the resources required to address this problem,” Duenas said.

Over two years ago, Senators Chris Duenas and Aline Yamashita authored Public Law 31-43 that provides approximately $1.8 million in funding for resources for the fight against invasive species. The law will also qualify Guam for additional federal funding. “Working with the Governor’s Office there is a recognition that this needs to be expedited by all branches of Government,” said Duenas.

Senator Duenas stated he requested a round table discussion, which Senator Rory Respicio has tentatively scheduled for April 15th at 9 am. Duenas further stated that the legislature has not approved a critical fee schedule that is required to fund the fight against invasive species. “Senator Respicio’s participation in this process and hosting of this meeting is critical to understand the impediments in the way of funding,” Duenas said.

Duenas said he encourages the Mayors and all community stakeholders to attend the upcoming roundtable discussion.

“This is not about killing a few bugs. This is about waging a war against a threat that has the potential of hurting our economy, our farmers, our health, and our way of life on Guam.”

Duenas thanked Senator Respicio for scheduling the roundtable.

For more information contact Senator Chris Duenas at 727-1329/ duenasenator@gmail.com

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