Feast your eyes on this


Feast your eyes on this

by: Tetsuo Nakahara | .
Stripes Guam | .
published: February 04, 2015

Sun-drenched skies, swaths of azure waters, bucolic white-sand beaches and scenic city lights – there is as much to please the eye on Guam as there is the palate.

With beautiful scenery from sunrise to sunset and beyond, is it any wonder why this is an ideal tourist destination for so many? Add to that the cornucopia of delicacies dished up in eateries ranging from panoramic resort dining rooms to beachside bars and cafés and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Guam is one of the best places on Earth to feast or sip a beverage with a breathtaking view. This little island abounds with ideal spots for romantic dinners, memorable beach parties or those family dinners you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
So, if you haven’t yet, get started checking some out.

Tumon Bay is the island’s major tourist hub, lined with many hotels, shops and restaurants. Some of its hotel restaurants such as the Tree Bar at Hilton Resort Guan & Spa, The Grill at Santa Fe at Hotel Santa Fe and Surfer’s Point at Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort are popular spots to for taking in stunning views of the bay and city lights.

Needless to say, restaurants at some of the cityscapes higher elevations such as Hotel Nikko Guam’s 16-story-high Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant and Onward Beach Resort’s Sagano Japanese Restaurant offer the most expansive views.

As the name suggests, Tumon Bay also offers some great bay- and beach-side eateries closer to the ground that are more than happy to show you what they have on the menu – and the horizon. The Beach Restaurant & Bar and Ohana Beach Club are a couple of places to check out if you want an up-close and personal view of Tumon’s bay.

Venture off the beaten path outside of Tumon and you’ll find more cafés and restaurants with views that cater to many locals as well as tourist in villages such as Mangilao, Talofofo and Hagatna. Some like Jeff’s Pirates Cove are located right in front of the beach, while others like the clubhouse at Onward Mangilao Golf Club provide sweeping panoramic scenery from afar.

As you lay back in the open-terrace seating at some restaurants such as tuRe café in Hagatna and Sunset Grill in Asan, you can check out the action of nearby watersports like parasailing, snorkeling or wind surfing. You may even spot some dolphins swimming out there.

All these sights and more are served up with a side of downhome or high-end cooking and your beverage of choice. Better yet, take a scenic drive around the island and treat your taste buds on the way.

Start with a scenic sunrise breakfast on the east coast in Mangilao, then head north or south to take in the sites and flavors until you get to Tumon Bay in the west. Park that vehicle for the day then finish it all off with a beautiful sunset from fancy hotel restaurant or popular beachside bar with your adult beverage of choice.

Whatever you choose, make sure that while on island your eyes – as well as your palate – feast on a taste of Guam.


Try one of these scenery inspired cocktails

Tequila Sunrise

• 1.5 oz tequila
• 3 oz Orange juice
• 0.5 oz Grenadine syrup

Pour tequila and orange juice over ice, add the grenadine. Do not stir. Garnish and serve.


• 1.5 oz Malibu coconut rum
• 5 oz pineapple juice
• 2 dashes Angostura bitters

Shake all ingredients and strain into a cocktail glass.

Amber Moon

• 3 oz whiskey or vodka
• 1 raw egg
•  Tabasco sauce, to taste

Crack an egg into a tall glass, leaving the yolk unbroken. Pour in whiskey. Add Tabasco to taste, or serve on the side (may also be blended).

Blue Lagoon

• 1.7 oz vodka
• 0.7 oz Blue Curacao
• 2.4 oz lemonade
• 1 orange slice.
• Ice cubes

Pour vodka and blue curacao in a shaker with ice, shake well and strain into ice filled highball glass, top with lemonade, garnish and serve.

Orange Tundra

• 1 oz Kahlua 
• 1 oz vodka
• 1 oz cream Soda
• 1 oz orange juice

Add vodka, cream soda, coffee liqueur then orange juice to a highball class; serve without stirring.

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