FEMA officials arrive on Guam


FEMA officials arrive on Guam

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published: September 18, 2014

Upon receiving the Presidential disaster declaration from President Obama on September 11, 2014, FEMA officials are now on Guam beginning the recovery operation.

FEMA’s Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO), Ken Suiso and Infrastructure Branch Director, John Christensen were the first to arrive on Guam with additional staff to arrive next week.

This week’s objectives for FEMA officials include coordinating an information brief. FEMA requires the FEMA-Territory Agreement to be signed by Governor Calvo. The FEMA-Territory Agreement states the various standards and arrangements for assistance.

Finally, GHS will begin scheduling briefings, to inform prospective entities of available assistance to repair infrastructure. During the briefing, GHS will present the incident period and a description of the declared event. Eligible facilities, work, and cost will be discussed and the project formulation process will begin. The state will also discuss funding options, record keeping and documentation requirements.

FCO Ken Suiso states, “There is a specific sequence of events that need to occur for this recovery operation to be successful. Our objective is to get funding to those affected eligible entities as soon as possible.”

A press conference will be held with FCO Ken Suiso at a later time.

For more information please contact Public Affairs Officer Jenna Gaminde at 478-0208 or via email at jenna.gaminde@ghs.guam.gov.

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