Guam Diner Bytes: Christopher "Chris" Bejado, founder & co-owner PROA Restaurant


Guam Diner Bytes: Christopher "Chris" Bejado, founder & co-owner PROA Restaurant

by: Ken Stewart | .
Guam Food Guy | .
published: August 03, 2016

The island has recently lost one of its most successful and innovative restaurant entrepreneurs, Christopher "Chris" Bejado.

He was the quintessential Renaissance man...a can-do and did-do achiever with his hands and heart involved in numerous projects.

There are many titles and labels one can ascribe to Chris, though he never let his fame go to his head.

He was humble and a man of faith who loved his family, his work, his employees, and his island.

We at were fiercely devoted fans, supporters, and champions of PROA from its inception in 2006 & 2007.

They created their famous Marianas Glaze and coined the descriptive phrase "Marianas Regional Cuisine" to differentiate them from traditional Chamoru cuisine.

Their red rice and finadene were truly Chamoru! Whenever Chris would walk into a room he would raise everyone's spirits with his broad smile and sincere greetings.

His smiles were contagious!

For those of you who never knew him you can see part of his legacy in the thriving enterprise he and his partner, Chef Geoffrey Perez, created.

Our deepest condolences to his wife, Cora and his daughters Natalie, Kacey, and Camille.

They are the best part of his legacy!

We are all better people for having Chris in our lives!

Our beautiful, noble island brother, Chris! Adios!

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