Guam Diner Bytes: GAX VII Guam Art Xhibit July 3-27 (The Plaza)


Guam Diner Bytes: GAX VII Guam Art Xhibit July 3-27 (The Plaza)

by: Ken Stewart | .
The Guam Food Guy | .
published: July 11, 2014

You will be amazed at the diversity and quality of art work created by Guam’s local art community at the GAX VII (Guam Art Xhibit) being held now through July 27 in Tumon’s The Plaza. From the opening event last week, which held the premiere viewing of a locally-produced film, “Talent Town,” and continuing throughout the month will be a number of events including B-Boy night (July 11), Portrait Night (July 17) and Jazz Night (July 26), visitors can view the variety of creative works displayed on the walls, floors, stands, and doors. There is definitely some serious artistic talent on this island!

I remember the very first GAX which was held in a small 15’ x 15’ space! Now there are over 50 artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, multi-media producers, live art, spoken art, and art in nearly every shape, size and color!).

There is also a famous Street Artist (aka graffiti artist) named Tristan Eaton, who is commissioned to create a giant mural on the wall of the Plaza just north of the Sand-Castle. I saw the beginning of the mural as Tristan was spray-painting (in broad daylight) 50 feet up in a bucket lift! I only hope the weather cooperates with his ambitious project. It really looked fantastic when I saw it on Thursday.

Just get down to Tumon during this month and check out the awesome artwork on’ll lift your spirits and make you proud!

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