Guam Diner Bytes: iHop's coming! But where do we park?


Guam Diner Bytes: iHop's coming! But where do we park?

by: Ken Stewart | .
The Guam Food Guy | .
published: July 08, 2015

I really am quite excited about iHop’s opening up on Guam. It’s in my neighborhood (I can walk there...probably best if I did), and I have been a life-long fan of iHop (whenever I visit the Mainland I usually have at least one meal at an iHop, which is the short name for International House of Pancakes). Although we are delighted to have iHop join our restaurant options, there is some cause for concern about parking and access. It’s not only a concern for iHop, but also for the other building under construction at the entrance to the DNA Plaza, home to Cost-U-Less Tamuning. This other building (two-story) is the future home of the Chamorro Chip Cafe and Dolce Frutti Gelateria. Perhaps there’s something the developers are planning to address this that we don’t yet see. As it is now, there are still issues with finding parking for some of the tenant businesses in the DNA Plaza, and some customers are going elsewhere to dine or shop. We will just wait until the construction dust settles and we will see where we are! As I said earlier, I will be able to walk to iHop, but will you?

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