Here's the ticket for military families


Here's the ticket for military families

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published: May 01, 2013

Hello Military Community,

This week I wanted to highlight a new resource for families that recently came to my attention. “That’s The Ticket” is a game created by Kevin McMahon that military children and parents can play for lifetime.  More than anything, the game board is actually a family contract that helps children stick to their goals.
There’s no job more challenging than being a parent. And it can be even tougher for those serving our country when you add the daily grind of military life, deployments and changes in duty stations. “That’s the Ticket” empowers parents to bring order, structure and solidity to their family life, even in these times of uncertainty. It also inspires kids to WANT to set new goals, master positive habits and EARN the things they crave.  This creative educational tool is loaded with humor, fun role-playing and true stories from actual “That’s the Ticket” families.

The game includes colorful “Ways to Win” and “Prize and Rewards” game boards and game pieces, a roll of tickets and (as outlined in the game’s guidebook) a series of quick questions to help parents determine the “top 5 areas they most want to see their kids improve.” Those top 5 areas are then placed into daily and weekly “ways to win” categories and parents fill the game boards with positive-habit “ways to win” and fun prize-and-rewards game pieces.

Kevin and “That’s The Ticket” have been endorsed by Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, all four military branches of services’ Family Advocacy Offices and more. Kevin’s family success games he created can be found nowhere else. He regularly speaks at colleges, conferences and military bases.

This spring he will be traveling to Ansbach, Germany, to do workshops with military families and trainers.  For more information about or to order this wonderful educational program for your family, go to

Blessings from my family to yours,

Kim Suchek

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