Joint Region Marianas and Guam Power Authority Partner for Energy Solutions on the Island


Joint Region Marianas and Guam Power Authority Partner for Energy Solutions on the Island

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published: October 17, 2016

ASAN, Guam (Oct. 17, 2016) – Joint Region Marianas (JRM) and the Guam Power Authority (GPA) are partnering to address ongoing challenges with the island-wide power generation situation on Guam. 

“We remain committed to energy solutions for our island community,” said Commander, Joint Region Marianas Rear Adm. Bette Bolivar.  “This partnership is at the heart of our One Guam philosophy.”

The Department of Defense’s primary provider of electricity on Guam is GPA. However, during island-wide emergencies, such as the generation shortfall experienced last month, JRM installations activate backup emergency generators to support military assets and infrastructure thereby alleviating demand from the island-wide grid and enabling GPA to focus on providing power to the island community.  

“We share a long history of working with GPA for the betterment of the island-wide power system,” said Capt. Stephanie Jones, Joint Region Marianas regional engineer. “We have mutual interests to ensure stable and sufficient electricity for military readiness and civilian requirements.”

When fully capable, the Orote Power Plant on Naval Base Guam (NBG) may provide up to 19.8 megawatts of electric requirement for NBG.  Backup generators on Naval Computer Telecommunications Station may provide its full electric requirement of 3.4 megawatts; and on Andersen Air Force Base, building emergency generators may provide up to three megawatts in support of the installation’s requirement.

“We are working closely with all of our federal and private-sector partners to resolve this island-wide power shortage,” said John M. Benavente, P.E. GPA General Manager, “This close collaboration demonstrates the success of our partnership and enhances our efforts to identify utility solutions for our community today and into the future.”

Additionally, NBG Public Works Office provided demineralized water to the Cabras 1 boilers Sept. 18, which according to GPA, helped speed up the process of bringing that power plant back on line.

Military and GPA leaders, meanwhile, highly encourage consumers to adopt more aggressive conservation measures during these challenging times.

“We are in the midst of Energy Action Month,” said Jones. “This is a great time to encourage everyone to do their part.  Turn off lights, cooling units and appliances when not in use; every little bit helps. When we minimize use we are decreasing demand and this will make a difference.”

For more information contact the Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Office at (671) 349-4055/3209.

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