Kadena family gets a sneaky scuba surprise while at Okinawa beach

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Kadena family gets a sneaky scuba surprise while at Okinawa beach

by: Carlos Bongioanni | .
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published: July 19, 2013

Daddy is supposed to be home from Afghanistan in a few weeks. His children are enjoying the day at an Okinawa beach with their mother, Bethany Bronson, in the water close by.

A friend is recording a video that he will send, he tells the family, to Capt. Hyrum Bronson, an Air Force physician assigned to Kadena Air Base, Okinawa.

The friend tells one of Bronson's girls that he is going to send the video to Afghanistan where her daddy is supposed to be deployed. "What would you tell him if he were here today?" he asks.

"I will love you for always," the girl replies.

Mrs. Bronson responds in like fashion when asked the same question, then, when prompted for something more, adds, "I want your body."

The video interview is a sneaky ploy.

As the friend records, up from the water behind the Bronson family, a man wearing a camouflage uniform with scuba gear arises.

When Mrs. Bronson turns to see who is there, she gasps when he takes off his mask.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?" she says in shocked surprise.

"Mrs. Bronson," he says, "your husband is here, reporting for duty."

Then the hugs and kisses commence.

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