Manenggon Memorial Freedom Run Celebration will be held July 28, 2013


Manenggon Memorial Freedom Run Celebration will be held July 28, 2013

by: The Manenggon Memorial Foundation | .
published: July 20, 2013

The Manenggon Memorial Foundation announces that the Manenggon Memorial Freedom Run Celebration will be held July 28, 2013.  Runners representing their family members who were in Manenggon, friends and supporters as well as Guam Fire Department, Guam Police Department, Customs & Quarantine, the Guam National Guard and the Judiciary of Guam’s Marshal’s Service and Probation Office will retrace the routes that the our people took on their forced march to Manenggon.

In coordination with the various village mayors, the Foundation encourages all survivorsand their family members, family members of those who died in any of the camps or sites, and family members of those who survived the camps but have since passed on, friends and the general public to gather at Manenggon.  We will commemorate Chaguian, Asinan, Pigo, Fena, Famha, Tinta, As Mateo, Umafit, Mata and Manenggon and allthe other camps on Guamwhere the Chamorro people were forced to march to in those last days of that dark time.  We will gather at Manenggon starting at 2:30 p.m to commemorate the day that the Manenggon Camp was liberated.

Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz, Chairperson of the Foundation, said “It is important that we remember the suffering our people endured during the war and teach our children about our unique history so that we can all be reminded of how precious life and freedom truly are.”

Survivors and their families are encouraged to participate by either volunteering to be part of the run, or joining the survivors’ walk beginning at 3:00 pm from Ylig Bridge to the Manenggon Memorial Site, or to simply participate in the short memorial service that will take place at 3:30 p.m. at the Manenggon Memorial Site in Yona.Transportation from Ylig Bridge to the site will be available beginning at 2:45 PM for those who cannot join the commemorative walk.  During the walk, survivors who cannot physically make the walk but who wish to participate will be provided transportation to join the walk.

For more information please contact the Office of Vice Speaker Cruz at 477-2520/21 or the Office of Sen. Tina Muna Barnes at 472-3455/6.

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