Rapper offers musical tribute to troops overseas


Rapper offers musical tribute to troops overseas

by: David Hurwitz | .
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published: November 26, 2012

Rap music has been called many things by fans, critics, and people in general, but sensitive to the ordeals faced by members of the military is not one of them. This may change following the release of “Stateside,” a song by up-and-coming rapper Jaecyn Bayne based on the experience of his cousin, Sgt. Ricardo Porter, a Marine who has served three tours in Afghanistan.

“We’ve always had a close connection. We grew up together in Charleston and when he was in the fifth or sixth grade, he stayed with us for a year after we moved to Indianapolis,” Bayne said.

“During his last tour in Afghanistan, we would really talk on the phone – a couple of times a week. From talking to him, he didn’t sound like the same ‘little cousin’ that I knew,” said Bayne. “There was no real voice for what guys (like him) have to endure. I could only imagine what it would be like to be in his shoes. I recorded his words on my phone and wrote the song based on them. It made sense because it was something close to me.”

Bayne said it is very important that people know what is really happening to young soldiers in combat zones.

“People get caught up in their lives in society as a whole. They may put a bumper sticker on their car or donate money (in support of the troops), but they fail to realize these are real people on the front lines dodging bullets. (The soldiers) are doing what they have to do for the things we want to do,” he said.

When Bayne sang the song for his cousin the first time, Porter said, “Yo, that song is perfect. That’s my life. That’s what I live every day, day in and day out.”

“It’s hip-hop with substance – It speaks about something,” Bayne said.

He wants it to be motivational – to help soldiers keep going through the tough days, weeks and months they have to endure, to make them feel they can get through this.

Bayne said he wants them to know, “I care what you’re doing for me.”

“I’ve only performed the song once, and people liked it. An older gentleman came up and said he was a veteran. He said he enjoyed the song and had never heard anything like it,” Bayne said.

“Stateside” is on a new album of Bayne’s called “Audio Therapy.” A video of the song can be seen on YouTube as well as the album’s webpage, which also enables visitors to send a free copy of the "Stateside: Soldier Service Pack," a collection of five songs plus an intro and outro, to soldiers overseas.

“If you know a soldier overseas, please provide their military address, and we will get a copy sent over to them!” Bayne writes on the website. “If there’s anybody that needs some encouraging and uplifting words or music, it’s these men and women that fight for us and our rights! This is just my way of directly showing my appreciation!”

See the “Stateside” music video and have the "Stateside: Soldier Service Pack" sent to a soldier overseas at: nightsons.com/blog/?page_id=3311

Who is Jaecyn Bayne?
Jaecyn Bayne (real name: Terrell Porter) is a 30-year-old rap artist born in Charleston, S.C. who moved with his family to Indianapolis, Ind. when he was 15. 

His performing name is a combination of the names of three rap musicians he admires: Jay Z, Jae Millz, and Jadakiss, whose real first name is Jason.

“I’ve always had an affection for words. I wrote a lot of poems, and the more I did it the more people wanted to hear them,” he said.

Bayne then met people in the music business and he decided to write on a serious basis.


Verse 1:
Mr. Jarhead/we're shippin you off
7 months, Afghanistan/we're chippin you off
So you can.../get your bread right, but first get your head right
Cause overseas heat and fatigue'll/keep ya head light
And fed right/cause nutrition is essential
For on point precision/whether physical or mental
Its limitless potential/for some possible mishaps
Punished by stayin longer/won't know when you get back
Yeah.../cause its a whole different lifestyle
A battle zone is your home/back and forth with the chrome
All this action/got me trapped in my dome
Thoughts, shot up as prayers/to get blessed back home
I'm stuck in a mind frame/to picture positive visions
And trained to see that/no one off the roster is missin
Got the objective submitted/and its just time to do it
If its them or its me/then I guess I gotta do it

Hook (refrain):
Yo, I'm just tryna/make it back stateside
The soldier in me/is sayin I will never die
I'm here for the country/but fighting for mine
On a mission for living/off the firing line
Yo, I'm just tryna/make it back stateside
The soldier in me/is sayin I will never die
I'm here for the country/but fighting for mine
On a mission for living/off the firing line

Verse 2:
A different world/with no Dewayne Wayne
Just hum-v's, big trucks/choppers and planes
Generators a pain/always need maintained
And purifying the water/for the FO base
No rest or breaks/if the time don't allow
You can wake with alarms/mines is firing rounds
Plus, ridin to down/per the intel's wish
Is gonna take forever/since its 10-12 clicks
Slow rollin the clay roads/no high speeds
Foot soldier in front/checks for IEDs
Everybody's a threat/man, woman and child
So it’s hard to decipher/who the fight teams be
Maneuver thru debris/from detonated devastation
The weather makin it worse/ground temp set to bakin
But yet, we're still pacing/tryna fight for our lives
Tryna survive/to make it back stateside

Hook (refrain):

Verse 3:
Just finished my time/headed back to the land
And first, I gotta go thru/some steps and plans
Post traumatic stress class/a week long
To treat harmful thoughts/from seeing them sneak bombs
You need calmin down/out the combat mind
You used to alert mode/gotta calm that nine
Palm that mind/and tightly grad a hold of your thinkin
Believe in your higher power/or whatever religion
Never forgettin/to live life, appreciate the small things
Green grass, fresh air/without the war sting
Of all things/just remember why you do it
Prior to private troopin/and learning your rifle shooting
I'm fighting for my survival/gettin back to granny's chicken
Candy dishes/and every other thing that yall ain't missin
All of this is the job/that we signed up for
But back here at my home/is peace of mind outdoors

Hook (refrain):


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