Returning soldiers encouraged to utilize expired license law


Returning soldiers encouraged to utilize expired license law

by: Senator Rory J. Respicio | .
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published: January 21, 2014

Senator Rory J. Respicio is reminding all returning soldiers to take advantage of a law he authored that assists them with licenses or permits that might have expired while they were deployed, or on a temporary duty assignment.

In a letter sent last week to Major General Benny M. Paulino, Adjutant General of the Joint Force Headquarters Guam, Respicio explained that the law is in place to assist soldiers who are returning home from deployment or temporary duty.

“I sponsored a law in the Twenty-Ninth Guam Legislature that assists them as they transition from active deployment to returning home. While deployed, government licenses and permits may have expired,” stated Respicio. “Public Law 29-148 was signed into law on January 30, 2009. It allows a 180-day grace period for Guard and Reserve members to pay renewal fees for licenses and permits (including driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, health certificates, hunting and fishing licenses, and so on) when they return home.”

Senator Respicio noted that the law waives any penalties that would have otherwise been imposed for the expired licenses and permits. In addition P.L. 29-148 also extends this benefit to a dependent of each service member, in order that the focus remains on the family, and avoids complications resulting from expired licenses or permits.

“Our brave men and women, upon returning from their deployment or temporary assignment, should receive as much help as possible,” Respicio said. “This law provides them with an automatic 180-day extension. Our government allows the returning soldiers to focus on spending quality time with their families, instead of standing in long lines at various departments and agencies to renew such licenses and permits.”

Paulino acknowledged Respicio for reminding soldiers of the law that will assist them and further stated, "Thank you for your unwavering support to my soldiers and airmen. I will disseminate this info to the soldiers from 1-294th Infantry Battalion who recently returned from deployment."

For more information, please contact Senator Respicio’s office at 472-7679..

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