Senator Respicio wants Guam pawn shop law tightened


Senator Respicio wants Guam pawn shop law tightened

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published: January 14, 2015

Senator Rory J. Respicio describes Guam’s current law regulating pawn shops as “archaic and insufficient” and, given Guam’s high rate of theft and burglary, he believes the law needs a re‐write.

In letters to Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett‐Anderson, Guam Chief of Police Fred Bordallo and Department of Revenue and Taxation Director John P. Camacho, Respicio has sought expert advice on crafting the measure.

“A comparison with parallel laws in other jurisdictions suggests a number of possible potential reforms, considering that Guam pawn shops don’t even have a requirement to report purchases, being required only to maintain a register that may be examined on request of authorities,” Senator Respicio said. “Present law doesn’t require examination of a photo‐id by sellers.”

Revenue and Taxation currently licenses 17 pawn shops, but other re‐sellers of goods face no requirements beyond obtaining a business license.

Other jurisdictions, including the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands have stricter requirements of pawn shops and used goods sellers. California is implementing a statewide reporting system of the purchases and sales of pawn and second hand dealers.

Senator Respicio said that one possibility could be a requirement that pictures of pawned and purchased items could be posted on line for the review of those whose goods have gone missing.

Respicio emphasized that the intent of updating the law is in no way intended to shut down legitimate businesses, “or to imply that these pawn shop owners are co‐conspirators or facilitators of criminal activity.” He is contacting these businesses by letter to seek input on the legislation.

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