Sentry Hospitality to launch giveback initiative


Sentry Hospitality to launch giveback initiative

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published: February 24, 2015

Matthew Martin, director of sales and marketing and General Manager Sunardi Li,  for Sentry Hospitality are spearheading the first of its kind, IC3 , I CARE 3, initiative for Sentry Hospitality which includes Aqua Suites Guam Hotel and The Days Inn Guam Hotel is launching a giveback initiative. The owners of Sentry Hospitality Bruce Mckenzie and Keith Markowskie have a long history in giving back to the community and want to incorporate 3 foundations that are near to their heart as they have committed a giveback initiative to support our families here on Guam.

Sentry Hospitality will be coordinating with three foundations locally on Guam. The USO, Guam Cancer Care, and Make A wish Foundation. The goal is to educate our local community of the programs that benefit our Military, Veterans, patients and families of Cancer related issues, and our children of Guam that will benefit from the Make A Wish Foundation.

The Days Inn Guam Hotel, Aqua Suites Hotel is immediately launching a giveback initiative. This will include a $1 per day – per room – giveback to the foundations from all revenue generated from reservations made at the hotel brand websites, people who call and make reservations, and anyone who books with the hotel directly.

The H20 Spa inside of Aqua Suites Guam will also donate $1 per every 1 hour massage they receive. The Grill & Curry Restaurant inside of Aqua Suites Guam will also be donating $1 per every $20 check they receive to the foundations throughout the year.  Sentry Hospitality have also partnered with Guahan Soldier Apparel to provide creative and innovative solutions in producing the LOGO and a designer T-Shirt that will equally help benefit the foundations.

The program is meant to be a way for the owners of Sentry Hospitality to give back to the community in which we all live and support daily. This will undoubtedly touch every family in at least one aspect of the foundations identified. While this is just the first step in collaborating with these NPO’s here in Guam, it will ensure a continued support of our community and the people who deserve it most.

Every guest will have the opportunity to contribute additionally, online and directly, to this new initiative, and most importantly ensure engagement through active involvement with our local community and tourist who will learn of how they all will be able to contribute while partaking in the islands beauty and Hafa Adai spirit. While this is the beginning of the launch of an educational commitment for our Island of Guam, we hope that it continues to grow and offer an opportunity to our local leaders, businesses and all that visit our island an opportunity to become involved and participate in the IC3, I Care 3 – Foundation.

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