The best bakeries: Blessed Bakery

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The best bakeries: Blessed Bakery

by: Arlene Castro | The Guam Guide | July 30, 2014
Blessed BakeryCuisine: American
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Cheese bread from Blessed Bakery has by far the most generous amount of cream cheese fillings inside a moist bread roll. A spread of butter and sugar on top gives every bite a sweetness that compliments the tartness of the cheese chunks inside.

Pan de sal is a morning staple made with such care and perfection it should be tried on its own, first. No dipping in the morning coffee or using jam or butter! Just chew and let your taste buds go on a trip. The taste may be familiar if you tried the rolls at a local steakhouse restaurant. For people familiar with starters, the fermenting process gives bread a rustic, aged taste, and that’s what this tiny bake shop — literally a “hole in the wall” beside a gas station — has perfected into this common ordinary bread. Although it means salt bread, this pan de sal has a pleasant sweetness. It is customary to keep this bread fresh in the back and packaged upon request.

Blessed Bakery is located at the intersection of Marine Corps Drive and West Santa Monica Avenue in Dededo.

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