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Guam Diner Bytes

by: Ken Stewart | The Guam Food Guy | March 20, 2013
Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro HagatnaCuisine: International
Hours: Tuesday: 0:00-24:00
Sunday: 0:00-24:00
Phone: 479-BOKA(2652)

It’s mid-March and still so much month left ahead of us!!! I’ve given up trying to keep track of all of the events that are scheduled to take place! Let’s face it - Guam has too much happening all the time! Wouldn’t it be nice to have nothing to do??? I will have to find more ways to relax! Hopefully I’ll find time to take a few “staycations” here at some of the local resorts! It’s a treat I promise myself everytime I go down to an event in Tumon. Just sit by the pool playing tourist for a day or two!!

Ever heard of Marianas Sweet Shrimp? It’s still not officially launched yet, but I am sure once people have tried it, they’ll develop an appreciation for what fresh shrimp tastes and feels like! This shrimp is organically raised on Saipan and is not frozen. People here are used to eating frozen shrimp. When you’ve tasted this fresh sweet shrimp, you’ll be as impressed as I was (along with several local chefs who’ve been test-driving the shrimp). Stay tuned for more on this locally-grown natural product that offers a novel dining experience to those who cater to their palates!

In keeping with Chamorro Month, I am pleased to recommend to vegetarians and anybody else who likes tasty food to go to Meskla in Hagatna and try out some of their new Healthy Choice Menu Items, in particular their Tofu Kadon Pika ($14.95), which has Tofu cubes cooked in a local style coconut kadon’ pika sauce with garlic and onions, served over brown rice. I was dining there with Zee one night after seeing Chef Peter Duenas’ new menu at a MCA Board Lunch. When I told her they had Tofu Kadon Pika she wasn’t exactly overcome with excitement but still interested in trying it out. It is absolutely delicious with as bona fide a kadon pika flavor as you get with the real chicken kadon pika!! It’s spicy and rich! The tofu is so easy to eat (no bones and no struggle) and makes for perfect leftover (if you have any left over that is!!). I am also proud to proclaim that this creation is VEGAN APPROVED, which something his menu didn’t state. Chef Peter assured me that this Tofu Kadon is Vegan Approved.

I ordered two other dishes off this new menu. The first was a lovely Steamed Snapper and Cucumber-Citrus Salad ($16.50), which features a lighter than air steamed snapper filet topped with a zesty cucumber-citrus salad. I can’t recall having a better snapper salad creation. Just awesome how delicate the snapper is...a very nutritious and healthy dining experience!

The 3rd entree was Chef Peter’s Herb Grilled Chicken Breast & Brown Rice ($17.50), boasting 2 Herb marinated chicken breasts grilled to order and served with steamed brown rice and steamed vegetables. I added some finadene dinanche to kick it up a notch.

Two other new Healthy Choice Menu Items we didn’t have to opportunity to try are Brown Rice and Vegetable Pilaf ($14.50 Vegan Approved), lightly seasoned brown rice and assorted vegetables cooked in a light vegetable broth; and Grilled Vegetables & Tofu Steak Salad ($15.95), which offers grilled vegetables of the day tossed in a light balsamic olive oil dressing and served over a warm tofu steak and garden greens. Bravo Chef Peter!!