Guam Diner Bytes: Buffet offers variety of Asian foods

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Guam Diner Bytes: Buffet offers variety of Asian foods

by: Ken Stewart | The Guam Food Guy | April 10, 2013
Streets of Asia Lunch BuffetCuisine: Asian
Hours: : 11:00-14:00
Phone: 648-1610

Wow! They’ve done it again! The Marriott Cafe has recently launched a completely new themed lunch buffet for Thursday. This adds to their Monday Italian, Dim Sum Wednesday, and Indian Friday themed lunch buffets, with each one being a magnificent, crowd-pleasing feast of flavors for all who attend. True their sense of the dramatic, they have also decorated this day’s food theme with what looks to be street vendor stands. The buffet offers an unprecedented variety and diversity of Asian foods unlike any I’ve seen here. The countries covered include Japan, the Philippines, China, Korea, Indonesia, Guam, Vietnam, and Thailand.

One of the first things that one sees is the Chinese hanging roast duck display that has charsiu ribs, pork, and crispy pork belly (lechon), and roast chicken. You can find a curry station where you choose your own ingredients and a red or green curry base is used to blend your selected ingredients, which range from long beans, local eggplant, mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, bokchoy, bean sprouts, basil, mussels, squid, and tofu.

Another station has 4 popular Filipino juice drinks including Cantelope, Sago, Honeydew, and Buko Juice. Attention to detail is judiciously used to give some degree of authenticity to each theme. They use plastic containers for the juices rather than the usual metal and acrylic dispensers. You can find a variety of skewers atop heated banana leaves. We’re talking about Dried Beef, Fried Beef, Quail Eggs, BBQ Pork Skewers, BBQ Chicken Skewers, Beef Satay, Hot Dog, Squid BBQ, and BBQ Grilled Corn! You can have a variety of sauces as condiments, including sweet chili, hoisin, finadene, vinegar, and mang tomas. You can make your own Vietnamese noodle soup.

Fresh lumpia, Poke, sushi, chicken kelaguen, Gato Gato, fried fish, Shrimp Sinigang, Corn Egg Drop Soup, Miso Soup, Shrimp Curry, Korean Kalbi, Anchovy Fish, and more! This has been an evolving process with ingredients and entrees subject to change based on availability.

Desserts include a Halo Halo station, Tapioca, Chocolae cake, Maja Blanca, Sapin Sapin, Creme Brulee, Assorted Baked Cookies, Custard Caramel, Fried Banana, and Carioca Balls. Unfortunately, I was only able to sample less that a third of the food selection on display. Guess I’m going to have to come back and eat some of the items I missed next time

You can expect more positive, trail-blazing enhancements and offerings at the Guam Marriott Resort & Spa! Stay Tuned!

Bon appetit!

    Ken the Guam Food Guy