Guam Diner Bytes: Cup & Saucer Bakery and Crepe Cafe Calvo Building

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Guam Diner Bytes: Cup & Saucer Bakery and Crepe Cafe Calvo Building

by: Ken Stewart | The Guam Food Guy | July 23, 2016
Cup & Saucer Bakery and Crepe Cafe Calvo BuildingCuisine: American, Asian, International, Japanese
Price: n/a
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Phone: 477-2585

I was so very hungry this past Thursday and stopped by Cup & Saucer since I'd just left the Bank of Hawaii. I was too late for their fabulous Spring Lunch Specials - today would have been the Pasta Carbonara ($11.95) w/chicken ($15.95). It has that rich egg and cream sauce, smokey bacon, parmesan cheese and garlic toast!! Yum!! Also served on Tuesdays!

So I decided to go with the Club Crepe Sandwich Roll ($8.50) after my server Alyssa extolled its tastiness! I wanted it take-out but wanted a photo. This is made with a light wheat crepe, generous portions of ham and turkey, monterrey jack, bacon and tomato, and crisp fresh romaine lettuce! There is an aioli sauce that really blends with the ingredients. No one makes a better crepe sandwich roll than Cup & Saucer - it is so big and each bite just fills your mouth with the combined fresh ingredients!

I also ordered the Guava Squash ($4.95, also on Alyssa's strong recommendation). This is one of Exec Chef/Owner Ronnie Calvo Perez's Nuevo Latino Drink Specials for Spring. It was everything Alyssa said it was, refreshing, thirst-quenching, and delicious!

I needed to get a pastry (I'm being a good boy-before I would get a few items like scones, brownies, turnovers, and their famous Cinnamon Rolls, which are now completely trans fat free!!) Today I settled for the Almond Lemon Teacake, which I've been munching on as I write this with a cup of Earl Grey Tea! Fresh baked right here in this kitchen. Cup & Saucer pioneered the use of artisan bakers preparing small batches for their baked goods to maintain freshness. They were first to utilize Eco Friendly Take Out Containers. So if you want substance and quality, you can get your fix at Cup & Saucer. Don't worry about the calories - they are for a good cause!!