Guam Diner Bytes: Pacifc Star Cafe

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Guam Diner Bytes: Pacifc Star Cafe

by: Ken Stewart | The Guam Food Guy | April 09, 2015
Pacific Star CafeCuisine: American
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Tuesday: 0:00-24:00
Sunday: 0:00-24:00
Pacific Star Resort & Spa
Phone: 649-7827

The fabulous Middle Eastern Nights dinner buffet wrapped up at the Pacific Star Café last week. This was a fantastic spread of sensational Middle Eastern cuisine, most of it inspired by Tunisian native guest chef Adam Sebouai. You could even have taken a magic carpet ride (after puffing your hookah) outdoors on the terrace which was transformed to a Middle Eastern fantasy.

The food featured many healthy choices and was similar to Greek cuisine with hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, kebabs, and shwarma-roasted fresh lamb carved to your liking and loaded in a pita pocket with some veggies and “tzatziki” (yoghurt garlic sauce). The buffet offered a wide range of foods with a lamb served four ways (lamb stew ragout was awesome) and several seafood options (mahi mahi, snapper) and vegetarian dishes (in observance of Lent).

One of the specialty items we were introduced to by Chef Adam was the Tunisian Brik, which is a North African classic. Made with phyllo dough or spring roll wrappers, the ingredients can vary but usually contain potato, vegetables and an egg. It is wrapped and deep fried to a golden crisp. Sauce (spicy or mild) can be added to enhance the flavor and the egg yolk is still runny.

This is best enjoyed while still hot; it’s delicious and something totally new! Another treat for after dinner is savoring a cup of freshly brewed (table side) Turkish coffee, which is a rich, deep and intense coffee experience you will never forget!

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