Guam Diner Bytes: PIC’s New Pacific Fantasies Dinner Show

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Guam Diner Bytes: PIC’s New Pacific Fantasies Dinner Show

by: Ken Stewart | The Guam Food Guy | September 19, 2013
New Pacific Fantasies Dinner Show RestaurantCuisine: International
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Pacific Island Club
Phone: 646-9171

WOW! I thought the previous show was a thrilling adventure! This new show pulls out all the stops and is now extraordinary! This high-energy cultural dance show shares dances from Guam, Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. The new re-vamped show features the most spectacular fire-show I’ve seen in recent memory. No other show has as large a stage as the water-park’s lush terraced walls and distant cliffs from which dance troupe members light torches and even ignite a liquid fire waterfall!

The new show also has upgraded some of the dance routines and music, which now has a more contemporary disco-esque syncopation, which is a notable departure from the typical “Polynesian” music. Whatever the influence, this show has certainly proven that its performers offer world class entertainment that is unrivalled regionally.

The cast and crew provide a seamless, continuous performance of songs, chants, hula, and floating serenades, and manage to change into elaborate costumes made of grass, feathers, colorful flowers and floral patterned material! It is definitely something that will amaze and take your breath away!

Of course, let’s not forget the other part of PIC’s Dinner Show’s fabulous production – the food! Served under a large open-aired canopy, PIC serves an impressive island-themed buffet complete with local foods including kelaguens, barbecue chicken, ribs, steak, red rice, fresh crab legs, jumbo prawns and an assortment of appetizers, salads and desserts. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. nightly and reservations are highly recommended. Contact for reservations and more information.