Guam's best bakeries: Cup and Saucer Bakery

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Guam's best bakeries: Cup and Saucer Bakery

by: Arlene Castro | The Guam Guide | April 11, 2018
Cup and Saucer BakeryCuisine: American
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Friday: 6:30-17:30
Saturday: 6:30-15:00
Calvo Building, 138 Martyr Street,
Hagatna 96910
Phone: (671) 477-2585

Cinnamon rolls at Cup and Saucer are not the typical kind in the way they are prepared. The dough is typically baked until brown, stiff, and chewy to the bite. But at Cup and Saucer, the bread is firm and crusty on the outside, and the inside so tender and flaky you won’t have the usual struggle to cut through it with a plastic knife. The cream cheese frosting feels lighter because it is whipped, which means there is more air and volume, and less mass — delightful news to the waistline. The cinnamon powder used called Korintje, is mildly spiced and aromatic, and is the common choice for baking. The subtlety of the sugar and spice makes Cup and Saucer’s cinnamon rolls a refreshing treat to the taste buds.

Vegetarian quiche is a baked dish that is packed with nutrients and a ton of flavor. The quiche is filled with an egg mixture of spinach, broccoli, carrots and corn, while the bottom is thinly lined with mashed potatoes. Seasonings such as savory spices, herbs and cheeses bring deep flavor into this hearty dish. The thick, buttery and crumbly crust makes it a nice filling meal.

Pumpkin crunch bar is one of Cup and Saucer’s top-selling pastries. It is a cool dessert to have on a hot summer day. The crunch comes from a mixture of toffee, almonds and shortbread cookie crumbs forming the bottom half-inch thick crust that holds a light creamy pumpkin filling. It is topped with whipped cream frosting, and a nice finishing touch to this decadent crunch bar is the Korintje cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Cup & Saucer Bakery is located on Martyr St. in Hagatna.

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