Guam's best bakeries: Joanne's Bakery

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Guam's best bakeries: Joanne's Bakery

by: Arlene Castro | The Guam Guide | May 12, 2018
Joanne's BakeryCuisine: American
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Marine Corps Drive

Siapao (shoo-pow) is a large steamed bun with saucy shredded chicken, pork or beef as fillings. Joanne’s siapao is not only huge, the bun is moist and sweet, and the filling is plentiful and flavorful with a hint of sweet chili sauce that gives it a nice kick.

Apple turnover is buttery, flaky tart with apple filling. A bakery employee proudly points out that this is the Lieutenant Governor of Guam’s favorite breakfast treat.

Spanish bread is another popular cake, which a former First Lady of Guam will make the drive to purchase from her Agana Heights residence. The “cakey” bread is a special ingredient for her famous latiya (latee’za) another local favorite dessert dish. Their Spanish bread is super-moist, lightly sprinkled with sugar on top for a perfectly balanced sweetness.

Joanne’s Bakery is located on Marine Corps. Drive, across Pay-Less Supermarket in Yigo.

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