Guam's best bakeries, Pop's Bake Shop

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Guam's best bakeries, Pop's Bake Shop

by: Arlene Castro | The Guam Guide | July 14, 2017
Pop's Bake ShopCuisine: American
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Phone: 671-565-5114

Pan de sal fills the Old Agat village air early in the morning. For over three decades, Pop’s Bake Shop has been pumping out the best-tasting pan de sal on island. Sanded with bread crumbs, these rolls have a nice round outer shell, encasing a flavorful sweet-n-salty inside.

Cream cheese roll is made like a miniature cinnamon roll, but rolled inside with a sweet spread of buttery cream cheese. The dough tastes creamy and flaky, reminding me of a croissant, which gives the taste buds a luxurious experience. I can understand why one teacher brings a box full of these rolls to school to share with fellow co-workers almost every week now (I’m a teacher). Even if it’s baked in a small village bake shop, this little pastry offers a big feel of southern charm.

Boston cream pie is a classic and long-time favorite pie at local parties. The light and fluffy yellow cake makes this pie different from others. It has a cool vanilla pudding filling, topped with a thick spread of rich chocolate frosting.

Pop’s Bake Shop is located in Agat.

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