Guam's Best Burgers: Brutus Burger

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Guam's Best Burgers: Brutus Burger

by: Joel Kanda | The Guam Guide | March 06, 2013
House of BrutusCuisine: American, Asian
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Tuesday: 7:30-22:00
Thursday: 7:30-22:00
Saturday: 7:30-22:00
: 7:30-1:00
: 7:30-1:00
: 8:00-1:00
Sunday: 8:00-15:00
ITC Building 590 S.Marine Corps Drive, Suite 137,
96913 Tamuning
Phone: 671-647-0315

House of Brutus is known for the exceptional quality that they unrelentingly continue to put out with all of their food. And their burgers are no exception. The Brutus Burger is packed with flavor and a unique combination of toppings. The first thing you’ll notice are perfect, golden, crispy onion rings sitting confidently atop the cucumbers, fried egg, cheese, patty and slaw. The crisp cucumbers and the slaw bring a bright freshness that many other burgers often lack. The patty itself is not too greasy and not too dry, maintaining a perfect balance. While this is their signature burger, Brutus offers a wide selection of burger variations to fit your need. Think you can handle some heat? Try their Spicy Burger. It will not disappoint.

House of Brutus is located at the back of the ITC Building in Tamuning.

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