Airman 1st Class Alyssa Robinson

Spotlight on You: Airman 1st Class Alyssa Robinson

One of team Andersen's Best

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published: January 10, 2017

Congratulations to Airman 1st Class Alyssa Robinson, a native of Colorado, for being selected as one of team Andersen's Best.

A1C Robinson is an administrator for the 36th Mission Support Group Commander Support Staff, where she oversees the MSG's package tracking process. She has guided 105 enlisted and 21 officer performance reports and 98 decorations while maintaining 100% accountability.

She was the first Crisis Action Team admin to arrive during a real world incident and ensured timely support and accurate information distribution for the response.

Additionally, Robinson transformed the MSG's award program. She administered guidelines for 15 boards and coordinated 71 packages resulting in the identification of nine deserving award recipients.


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