Davion Jhayce Tudela

Spotlight on You: Davion Jhayce Tudela

U.S. Naval Hospital Guam Welcomes New Year Baby

published: January 08, 2015

U.S. Naval Hospital (USNH) Guam, located where America’s day begins, officially welcomed the first military baby of the New Year, 2015, at 11:55 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

Weighing in at 7-pounds, Davion Jhayce Tudela was welcomed to the world by his loving father, Dean, who is a Specialist with the Guam Army National Guard; mother Sheralynn, and big sister, who just reached a year and a half, De-Shiah.

Davion is not only the Tudela’s first son, but also the first birth witnessed by his father, who was deployed last year to Afghanistan and was not able to attend the birth of his daughter. “Everything went smoothly and I was so glad to be a part of this,” said Dean.

To commemorate this special occasion, the command's Oakleaf Club association and Commanding Officer, Capt. Jeannie Comlish, presented the Tudela family with a special gift basket that included baby toys, diapers, blankets, books and other items.

The Oakleaf Club includes Medical, Dental and Medical Service Corps officers' spouses and is active in promoting community awareness and supporting staff members and beneficiaries at the hospital through charitable projects.

The Tudela’s are looking forward to whatever the future may hold, although according to Sheralynn, she thinks they will wait just a little longer next time before planning for their next baby. For now, the Tudela’s are a complete family and the best part, according to them, is simply that they are together to celebrate.

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