Dorothy Sarmiento

Spotlight on You: Dorothy Sarmiento

Andersen dorm manager takes quality of life to heart

published: September 30, 2013

Airman 1st Class Mariah Haddenham
36th Wing Public Affairs

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam -- Tinian Hall houses approximately 120 Airmen who play roles in completing their units' missions, and it's up to one person to take care of any housing issues that might arise, so the Airmen can stay focused on projecting air power throughout the Asia-Pacific theater.

For six years, Dorothy Sarmiento, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron Tinian Hall dorm manager, has made the quality of life of her Airmen her top priority, and she says she has enjoyed every second of it.

Each day, Sarmiento manages the daily operations of the dorm, which is one of Andersen's five living quarters for single Airmen. This includes her daily inspection of the facility, ordering necessary maintenance, welcoming incoming Airmen, and striving to improve the quality of life for Airmen in the dorms.

"Some Airmen have never actually left their state until they joined the military," Sarmiento said. "A lot of Airmen get homesick, and I try to ease that feeling by making them feel as welcome as possible. I try to respond to their issues as soon as possible because I want them to feel that their room is a warm place for them to come home to."

As dorm manager, Sarmiento encourages the Airmen and gives her outlook and advice on how to enjoy their time on Guam as dorm residents.

"I enjoy the chance to make an impression on these Airmen," Sarmiento said. "I tell them to go out and explore their surroundings, and what the island has to offer. Not everyone gets to see the ocean every day, and the proper encouragement could make someone's stay on Guam much more pleasant."

Sarmiento referred to Tinian Hall as one big house, a place that all the Airmen should feel comfortable and a place in which they should take pride.

"I stress the importance of taking care of their dorm rooms, laundry rooms, and pavilions because it makes Tinian Hall a home," she said. "Taking care of their surroundings shows their responsibilities as Airmen and they begin to appreciate the dorm they live in, the friends they meet, and the experiences that they share."

The effort Sarmiento puts forth every day helps the residents of Tinian Hall enjoy their time on Guam and know someone is always there looking out for their home.

"Dorothy always puts our needs first," said Airman 1st Class Nathan Mahoney, 36th Communications knowledge operations management apprentice. "Having a dorm manager who cares about how you transition has made my move to Andersen a great and more memorable experience."

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