Edmund Field

Spotlight on You: Edmund Field

Spotlight: Edmund Field

published: September 10, 2012

Though Naval Facilities Engineering Command Marianas Financial Management Analyst Edmund Field spends his daylight hours working tightly with budgets and numbers, at night, he loosens up on the dance floor.

“I enjoy all dances, but I am partial to Latin type dances such as Rumba, Cha-cha, Salsa and Tango,” he said. “I also enjoy Waltz, East Coast Swing and Hustle.”

Field can be found on the floor of the main pavilion at the Chamorro Village some Wednesday nights with his dance partner and wife, Beth, who he has been dancing with since day one.

Though Field does not remember when he started dancing, he does remember why. He realized he did not know how to dance while being led on the dance floor by his mother at his parents’ golden wedding anniversary. From then, he vowed to learn to manage his footwork and soon after surprised his wife with dance lessons.

“I gathered up the courage and managed to trick Beth into taking formal dance lessons with me,” he said. “I told her we were going out to watch a movie and took her to the dance studio instead. We took the first lesson and found out that we both enjoyed it.”

As the lessons began, Field said he and his wife were nervous about the experience because they didn’t want to embarrass themselves.

“We quickly found out that half the class also had two left feet and the other half had two right feet,” he said. “We were among strangers who quickly became friends. Overcoming that fear is the first step and I’m here to tell you that your fears are unfounded.”

Field said today dance helps keep he and his wife’s relationship close and bodies in good shape.

“When I dance, my focus is always on Beth,” he said. “I feel a bond between the two of us like when we were dating before we got married.”

For those interested in taking up dancing but are nervous about being in the spotlight, Field suggests taking lessons and observing fellow classmates who may be just as anxious.

“The fear itself is you’re fearful of being embarrassed,” he said. “You need to realize the reason why your there is to learn to dance and so is everyone else. You’re all in the same boat. Once you realize that everything else is gravy.”

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