HM1 JohnPaul P. Gerona

Spotlight on You: HM1 JohnPaul P. Gerona

Dads: We Salute You!

published: June 16, 2016

Name: JohnPaul P. Gerona

Age: 35

Years in service: 6 yrs 9 mos

Rank: HM1

Years as father: 21 months

Kids: Happy 21-month-old son

Current Duty Station and job: USNH Guam/ LPO, Pediatrics

Q: What are your key responsibilities at work?

A: To assist in general supervision of all enlisted personnel attached to the Medical Homeport Pediatric Clinic.  Maintain enlisted staff records, conducts counseling, and prepare evaluations.

Q: What are your key responsibilities at home?

A: Ensure wife is happy.  Since I got married, I’ve lived by this ethos:  “Happy wife, happy life.”

Q: How do you balance military life with family life?

A: When I’m at work, I work…hard so when I’m at home I don’t think about work.  However, wife likes asking me “So how did your day go”?

Q: How do you keep in touch with family when you are TDY or deployed?

A: By utilizing the internet and/or data plan.

Q: How does the military community support your family?

A: By letting my family travel with me wherever I am stationed is the best support the military community could offer. 

Q: How do you support your partner whether you are home or deployed?

A: I believe that the best way I support my wife is by being an active listener to her.

Q: As a military parent, what’s your top priority for your kids?

A: My top priority is to be able to provide the basic needs of my family, plus some TLC goes a long way.

Q: What are your plans or Father’s Day?

A: When is Father’s Day? Lol.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: These Qs actually made me feel good about myself.  Sometimes, we (dads) get pre-occupied with life that we forget to compliment ourselves.  Once in a while, it’s ok to stop and pause a second and tell yourself, “Great Job, Dad.”   

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