Lt. Alyson Brinker

Spotlight on You: Lt. Alyson Brinker

HSC-25 Flight Surgeon Receives Luehrs Award

by: Joint Region Marianas PAO | .
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published: January 21, 2016

ASAN, Guam – Lt. Alyson Brinker, with Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 25, recently won the Richard E. Luehrs Memorial Award as the 2015 top junior operational flight surgeon of the year for the Navy and Marine Corps.

The award recognizes first- or second-tour Navy flight surgeons with the rank of lieutenant or lieutenant commander who demonstrate outstanding operational aviation medicine practices, leadership qualities, dedication, initiative and resourcefulness within their operational forces.   

"As a squadron with 100 people in a flying status, we could not do our jobs without Dr. Brinker,” said HSC-25 Commanding Officer Cmdr. Gabriel Soltero.  “She cares for 360 people here at HSC-25 as well as many others in and around the naval community on Guam."

Brinker is the primary care manager for the largest helicopter squadron in the Pacific, vetting more than 30 medical evacuation cases, conducting more than 50 rescues, and providing aid to a dozen critically wounded patients during search-and-rescue (SAR) operations in 2015. She is also HSC-25’s acting preventative health and occupational health director, conducting all required occupational physicals and completing more than 300 flight physicals across all branches of service.

“I (am) incredibly appreciative and humbled,” she said. “I can't believe I am being recognized for the opportunity to work with the incredible Island Knights team.”

Aside from her work with the squadron, she currently serves as the acting regional flight surgeon for the South Pacific region and provides flight duty medical examinations and physicals for the Guam Army National Guard’s Det. 2 Delta Co. 1-224th Aviation Medevac Unit, which recently earned her an Army Commendation Medal.

“I cannot accomplish the things I do without all of the efforts of my SAR medical technicians and the hard work of everyone at the squadron,” Brinker said.

For more information, contact the Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Office at (671) 349-4055/3209.

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