Master at Arms 2nd Class Bernard P. Servillas

Spotlight on You: Master at Arms 2nd Class Bernard P. Servillas

CRG-1 SRF-B and TTM Training

Commander, Task Force 75 | .
published: January 12, 2018

U.S. Navy Master at Arms 2nd Class Bernard P. Servillas, assigned to Coastal Riverine Group (CRG) 1 Detachment Guam, participates in Security Reaction Force (SRF) B and Tactical Team Movement (TTM) training at Naval Base Guam Jan. 10, 2018. CRG-1 Det Guam is capable of conducting maritime security operations across the full spectrum of naval, joint and combined operations. Further, it provides the additional capabilities of port security, embarked security, theater security cooperation, and high value unit protection.

(U.S. Navy Combat Camera photo by Information Systems Technician 1st Class Gregory L. Parker)

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