Senior Airman Justin Davis

Spotlight on You: Senior Airman Justin Davis

Team Andersen's Best

by: Andersen AFB | .
published: December 02, 2015

Team Andersen's Best recognizes Airmen and civilian professionals for outstanding contributions to mission and team success. As spotlight performers, individuals are chosen by base leaders for demonstrating the Air Force's core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

Senior Airman Justin Davis

Airfield Systems Technician, 36th Operations Support Squadron

  • He was vital to the air traffic control and landing systems work center by restoring instrument flight rules capabilities, which enabled pilots to land in turbulent weather.
  • Davis oversaw the Federal Aviation Administration flight check certification, contributing over 100 hours in the process to meet the 36th Wing suspense date.
  • His efforts enabled the unit to restore a critical precision approach for Andersen Air Force Base continuous bomber presence mission.
  • He enjoys diving and hiking.

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